Hidden between the unique rock formations of Jimbaran Bay’s magnificent coastline, and perched 14 metres above the rough waves of the Indian Ocean, Rock Bar Bali is any sunset lover’s dream come true. People travel here from all over the world in hopes of viewing one of nature’s greatest sights.

AYANA resort is a world in itself that dives deeper into true Indonesian culture and luxury. Owned by a local family, not only do they make it a point to maintain local culture and authentic Indonesian cuisines, but they also embark on creating an unforgettable experience for all guests. While Bali is well-known for Kuta Beach and the Seminyak area in general, as those are the most popular tourist destinations, Jimbaran Bay, one of its most precious gems, often gets overlooked due to its distant location from these other areas. Secluded at the tip of Bali island, it is a perfect location to overlook the great Indian Ocean whilst still experiencing a true balinese adventure.

Rock Bar Bali’s unique location and architecture make it one-of-a-kind: people stand in lines for hours to get in. To reach the bar you must take an inclinator, which allows for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the 1.3-kilometre coastline of AYANA resort. This architectural wonder was created by minimalist Japanese designer Yasuhiro Koichi. Koichi’s main goal was to emphasise the unique natural formations of the cliff-side rocks. By keeping the design simple, guests are encouraged to focus on the 360-degree view of the horizon and the glistening ocean waves. The actual glass bar was created by Japanese glass artist, Seiki Torige, using 100% recycled glass canes. Additionally, this bar is known to make some of the most unique cocktails, with names like “Rock My World” and “Beer Bomb Sandy”.

You can enjoy these drinks while watching the sun disappear behind the waves. Not only is the sunset magnificent, but when the sun goes down, the stars brighten up the dark sky, revealing a completely different and amazing view. As the sun submerges into the waters in front of your eyes and the waves crash all around you, internationally famous DJs mix their best beats, juxtaposing the untouched beauty of nature with a modern atmosphere.

If, like me, you come from a city like Singapore where sunsets are overshadowed by tall skyscrapers, you should make it a point to view a sunset like the ones I saw from the Rock Bar. It was just the most beautiful experience. Watching the sunset, I felt incredibly calm and was able to step back, realise the beauty of the world around us and truly appreciate our planet.